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Summary of Mimi Rothschild

Mimi Rothschild: Taking Learning to the Next Level

Mimi Rothschild, an author, educator, and mother of eight, is determined to change the world. Driven by her passion for justice and the Lord’s truth, her multi-faceted professional path has one thread - the creation of new programs that are truly worthy of children.

Mimi Rothschild’s passion for children’s rights began at age 10. After watching the bloated bellies of Biafran children on the nightly television news, Rothschild took a coffee can and began her very own door to door campaign to collect change for hungry kids. Within several years, she led one of the nation’s first Walks on Hunger.

In 1980, Rothschild founded the Rothschild Doll Company whose mission was to make dolls while providing an economic base to struggling single mothers. The Rothschild Doll Company established opportunities for countless women to learn a trade and earn a living through her sewing factories in China,Haiti and Jamaica.

After giving birth to her first child in 1983, she decided that “public schools were not healthy for children and other living things”. Mimi Rothschild authored a manuscript of the dangers of public schooling, originally titled, Children at Risk after the government sponsored report called “Nation at Risk.”

While on bed rest while pregnant with triplets, Rothschild and her then four children decided to assemble a list of all of the very best educational resources on the web for children. To their astonishment, this homeschool project became a series of books published by McGraw Hill! How thrilled her kids must have been when they saw their books on display at the local Borders, in the front window no less!

Specialties:After the 1997 Cyberspace for Kids book series, Mimi Rothschild wrote Teen Resources on the Web: A Guide for Librarians, Parents,Teachers.

In the 90s, Rothschild founded the child advocacy group, The National Organization for Children, to honor her beloved son, Andrew who died tragically.

In 2000, along with her husband of 29 years, Howard Mandel, she founded Learning By Grace, Inc. an organization that provides state of the art online educational services to homeschooling families.

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