Sunday, 29 March 2015

Why Public Schools Are Broken

Whether we like to admit it or not, our public school system is broken. Only one-third of fourth graders are reading at grade level, low-income children are unable to demonstrate basic skills in core subjects. It seems that the No Child Left Behind Act is leaving American children in the dust when it comes to competing academically on a global level.

Dollars and Cents

The issues with our educational system are not due to a lack of government funding. US public schools spend between $9,000 and $12,000 annually per student, and yet we lag far behind other countries that spend comparatively less per student. Where is the money going? Certainly not to education. US high school students rank 19th globally. We have seen the amount spent per student triple since 1960, and at the same time our global rankings plummet. Our schools have no incentive to balance their budgets, if money runs out, the district appeals for more government funding.

Politics Plays a Part

Government schools don’t care about the concerns that are raised by parents within the district. Government bureaucracies call the shots when it comes to our children’s education. Government experts came up with the No Child Left Behind Act and Common Core Curriculum in an effort to “fix”a broken education system.

The problem is that the so-called experts that orchestrated this government makeover have no practical classroom experience. Teachers with years of in the trenches experience are being told what and how to teach our children by a Washington expert who has never set foot in the classroom. There is no evidence that this reform has improved our schools, and it has cost the taxpayers a pretty penny. Our nation has rendered parents and experienced educators helpless to truly improve the state of our nation’s schools.

Thank You, Madalyn Murray O’Hair

In 1962, an Atheist by the name of Madalyn Murray O'Hair set off across the country with a goal in mind: to see prayer and the Bible removed from government schools. By 1963, the Words of God and prayer were given the boot, and the problems began. One woman set into motion a ruling that would shake the nation to its core. In 1963 teachers worried about fire drills and gum chewing, today teachers conduct active shooter drills and pass out contraception.

With no moral compass, our children are the victims of violent crimes, right in the school building. Teachers are terrified for their lives as they attempt to educate our children. Teen pregnancy, drug addiction, and suicide are rampant in our schools.

How can we expect children to learn effectively when they fear for their lives and deal with issues no child should ever have to confront?

When you combine the issues outlined above, it’s no wonder our public school system is broken. It would take a major reform to bring about change. With the government’s micromanaging and the lack of Biblical morals and values in our country, a turnaround of that nature could take decades.

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